Process Units

In addition to constructing and implementing entire process systems, Brinox can at the customer's request project and manufacture individual process components.

We are distinguished by  extensive experience in the preparation of all types of pharmaceutical water and cleaning systems, the sterilization and drying of production equipment in pharmaceutical industry.

Our energy process units are a special innovation that includes heating systems, cooling systems, vacuumizing and CIP / SIP / DIP processes. In this way, we combine comprehensively and in one place all the important parts of auxiliary equipment, installed in the technical areas, where space is typically tight.  We optimize the installation and assembly time of energy process units, and the occupancy of a given technical area.

Process Vessels and Reactors

We manufacture all kinds of mixing and reactor vessels suitable for processes of mixing, inertization, vacuumizing, metering, and emptying.

Portable vessels

Pharmaceutical Water Preparation Units

We design, project and manufacture all types of units for preparing pharmaceutical water:

  • PW water system with UV lights and ozone
  • WFI system, cold-hot with the option of thermal sanitization
  • PSG system (pure steam generator)

Units for Preparing Purified Water

Brinox units for preparing purified water ensure PW quality in accordance with European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

The process of preparing purified drinking water:


  • Ultra-filtration
  • Softening equipment (K)


  • Ion exchangers (A+K)
  • RO (reverse osmosis)
  • EDI (continuous electro de-ionization)
Ozone removal unit Purified water preparation (PW)

Stations for Water Purification and Clean Steam

In the design and manufacture of water purification and clean steam stations, we focus on systems that ensure continuous proper chemical and microbiological quality of water and clean steam with the option of sterile sanitization.

Purified water tank 10 m3 WFI storage tank

Skid Units

Energy process units are a special innovation that includes:

  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Vacuumizing
  • CIP/SIP/DIP processes

We design and manufacture units on special frames, which allow:

  • Fast installation on site
  • Simple and user friendly operation
  • Optimal spatial installation of the components

According to their function, they are completely dedicated units with the option of complete automation.

CIP - SIP - DIP units

Brinox CIP units are automated and enable optimal cleaning time and detergent use with the best cleaning result. 
An option of sterilization and drying is also possible (CIP/SIP/DIP).

They are designed in accordance with the requirements of repeatability and optional cleaning validation.

CIP system CIP system CIP system CIP in accordance with the ATEX directive Metering of cleaning liquids for CIP CIP and cooling-heating unit

Metering Units for Organic Solvents

Brinox developed special metering units for the use of organic solvents in the dissolution of coating components.

They are designed in accordance with the ATEX directives in the area of electrical engineering and machine equipment.

Metering unit for organic solvents

Universal Auxiliary Energy Units

A special Brinox innovation is that one frame connects individual units:

  • Heating-cooling unit
  • Vacuum unit

This enables:

  • Fast and effective installation
  • A greater degree of flexibility in operation
  • Optimal use of space
Universal power unit

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