Personalized process solutions

We are an innovative European family business, specializing in fast, efficient, cost competitive and customer tailored process systems solutions. For thirty years we have been focusing our competences on our own development and production of cutting-edge plants for the complex needs of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Our long-term vision is to become the leading European provider of personalized process solutions.

With our team's expertise and years of experience we can provide an integrated offer for entire process systems, individual units or components for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industry.

Turnkey process solutions

Complex process problems demand a customized approach. Brinox high-tech process solutions are adapted to the specific needs of your industry and include the engineering an implementation of complete process systems as well as individual production units and components.

Injection solutions Injection solutions Ointments and creams Milk and dairy products Lozenges Lozenges Production of silicone sealants Fruit juices Syrups Pill coating liquids Pellet coating fluids

Comprehensive Offer

We accompany you the entire way from a complex process problem to an optimal solution tailored to your industry and we can ensure all the solutions in one place:

  • Research and development of dedicated equipment for process production
  • Process engineering
  • Production of process equipment and systems
  • Assembly
  • Automation
  • Tests and measurements
  • Assistance with validation
  • After sales support (qualification, education and maintenance)
Detailed engineering Complete system for syrups Detail engineering Automation Production Assembly Maintenance

A Scientific Approach

Our team of experts here at Brinox' state-of-the-art development department operates in the service of science and develops, under utilization of scientific methods and in collaboration with recognized local and foreign research institutions, new and technologically advanced process solutions specifically tailored to the individual needs of the process industry.

Innovative Improvements

With the management of modern technology in the production, monitored by our highly qualified team of experts we can always offer a fast and optimal solution for complex problems according to the specific needs of an individual process industry.

The knowledge and professional competence for fast, innovative, and efficient turnkey resolution of the most complex process problems is the foundation of our 40-year tradition.

Process Optimization

Brinox process solutions provide significantly more efficient, higher quality, more manageable, repeatable operation of production processes, and a number of competitive advantages:

  • Cost, production, and technological optimization
  • Pre-elimination of potential operational errors, thereby reducing the process risk
  • Standardization of quality of finished products
  • Greater repeatability and control of automated processes

Sustainable Development

We are actively incorporating care for the environment and sustainable development not only into our business norms and principles, but also into the process of forming process solutions for our clients, and into the daily lives of our employees.

Social Responsibility

Brinox champions and supports outstanding performers in almost any area of society. We continually support originality, innovation, and above-average human achievements.

The fields covered by our sponsorship policy are:

  • Outstanding scientific, research, educational, and technological achievements
  • Outstanding achievements in sports
  • Technological innovations
  • Activities that support the quality of life and living of the population
  • Environmental protection activities that support care for sustainable development
  • Congresses, conferences, and other technology events

Brinox & Mark Prezelj share the same drive towards perfection and dedication to a purpose and goal. Brinox is the general sponsor of the three time winner of the Piolet d’Or (The Golden Ice Axe), the alpinist Marko Prezelj.

Chomolhari 2006 Chomolhari 2006 Chomolhari 2006 Chomolhari 2006 Chomolhari 2006 Competitive cycling Mark Prezelj Rafting on the river Soča Piolet d’Or (The Golden Ice Tool)

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