Food & Beverage Industry

We have extensive experience with process systems in the food-processing industry, from the entry of raw materials all the way to the filling machines.

Our approach is project oriented and adapted to our client's requirements.  A typical project runs as following:

  • Idea conception
  • Project implementation
  • Equipment manufacture/supply
  • Equipment installation/assembly
  • Start-up
  • Documentation/qualification

Process Systems

Brinox is always able to listen, to seek and realize tailored process solutions for metering, mixing, and thermal processing for the needs of the food-processing industry designed according to the most demanding food standards.  With our process solutions, we want to improve not only the smell and taste of food products and beverages, but also the quality of life for consumers worldwide.

From conceptual design and engineering to its implementation, we provide technologically advanced, cost competitive and customized process systems:

  • Breweries
  • Dairies
  • Production of juices and other non-alcoholic drinks
  • Process units and individual components adapted to other segments of the food-processing industry
Piping between tanks Valve block with pumps Automated release of medium DVEH dual-seat valve Milk storage tank Storage tank for liquid yogurt Milk pasteurization Yogurt production Yogurt production piping Storage tanks for beer Valve blocks with dual-seat valves Fermentation of beer CIP-system for milk

Process Units

Apart from planning and implementing of comprehensive process systems, BRINOX can also, at the client’s request, design and implement individual process units. Our company has extensive experience in the field of pasteurization, storage, and cleaning systems, sterilization, and drying of production equipment in the food-processing industry.

We are in particularly specialized in the field of design and implementation of:

  • Process vessels
  • Units for automatic acceptance of raw milk
  • Dedicated pasteurization units, based on customer/product requirements
  • Ultra-filtration units for the production of feta cheese and the preparation of sterile water
  • CIP satellite units
  • Units for the preparation of solutions for drying towers
  • Units for dissolving sugar
Storage tanks for beer Pumps to empty milk from a tank truck Control panel for pumping milk Gravitational receiving of milk Pasteurizer in block implementation Ultra-filtration of feta cheese Preparation of sterile water Satellite CIP Automatic CIP systems for filling Drying tower in operation Preparation of solutions for the drying tower Unit for dissolving sugar

Process Components

Brinox also offers certain process system components, e.g. hygienic valves, tube heat exchangers, and IBC containers.

All components are manufactured with exceptional accuracy, which ensures operation virtually without any stopping and with minimal maintenance costs.

Hygienic pumps DVEH dual-seat valve Lineup of Brinox valves


  • Frutarom
  • Lactalis
  • Lactosan
  • Mlekarna Celeia
  • PepsiCo
  • Salford Group
  • Sarajevska Pivara
  • Zott
  • Žito

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